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Portuguese for Foreigners     Cursos de Inglês em Jundiaí 

Portuguese for Foreigners

We offer an outstanding program for those who wish to study Portuguese in Brazil. During these courses, the student will be exposed to the diversified Brazilian culture; enjoy and take advantage of the most unique Brazilian hospitality and culinary adventures in the world.

The courses are usually given on an individual basis, but can also be ministered to selected groups upon demand.

Included in our individual/group programs we offer special tourist packages with the goal to better provide the understanding of the Brazilian social and cultural current reality.

General Portuguese classes;
Portuguese for teachers of Portuguese as a Second Language;
High school;
Tailor made courses upon request.

Private studio or apartment.

Please email to to receive more detailed information and prices.

Our Location

Jundiai is a typical Brazilian city located only 60 km from downtown São Paulo, which is the largest South America metropolis. Jundiaí is ranked the eleventh according to the UN: it is part of a select group of municipalities with development level considered "very high" in the Municipal Human Development Index (IDHM), released in 2013 by UNDP, UN agency. It is also ranked the eighth largest economy (economic growth index) of São Paulo State.

Surrounded by a mountain range, Serra do Japi, which is a beautiful national reserve, Jundiai has also many historic sites and buildings aged from the city’s foundation in the seventeen century.

The big number of immigrants especially Italians but also Germans, Spanish, Japanese and others were responsible for the huge development in agriculture and industry of all types. Today the Italian descendants are 70% of the city population and the city’s industrial park is considered one of the biggest, very diversified and one of considerable importance in the country. The city has also several universities, parks, theaters, cinemas, shopping centers and many nice residential areas.

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